Hello there,

I’m Lisa Maurie, and I loved to write. I’ve been blogging since 6 years ago. However, I turn it down, and just recently, I’ve been active again in blogging. I had two blogs, https://www.seewriteandpost.com and https://www.lisamaurie.com. Feel free to read the blogs.

Like my other blogs, I write about random posts, but mostly for this blog (Lisa Maurie), it’s an online journal for me to express my thoughts, opinion, and tips on how to do this and that (if there is, LoL).

I am not a journalism or a writer, it’s just for fun and for improving my writing. I had, media social too, follow me on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

You can make anything by writing – C.S Lewis

Lisa Maurie, 28