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I started a blog when I was still in Universities, in Year 2, that is 8 years ago. At that time, I use the Blogger platform. Frankly, it took me so much time to understand how to use the platform. Plus, I was so busy with my assignment. I guess I don’t have time to explore more on the blog. I did post something, maybe just one or two, then after that I shut it down. What a waste.

But then, I started to build up my blog again in mid-year of 2019. With the same platform add with another platform, on which I was writing my blog right now (WordPress). I transfer my blog from into a using NetKL Network services. So, basically, it was from Blogger into WordPress. But, I still have both.

So, how to be a blogger?

1. Just start

There is no shortcut to being successful in everything you do. I’d tried for the first time I determined to start my blog and focusing on my writing, it was hard. First, to understand how the blog works really took time for me. I’d done everything, trust me, searching on Google, on YouTube, trying to copy someone’s blog (don’t do that!), I had done it! But none of it gives me the idea of what to write in the blog or how to start?

The best way for you to start a blog is by just do it. Just keep doing it. Your blog will sound weird and sometimes will not make sense. But, to start a blog you just had to just do it. You will learn one by one in the first or three months ahead. When you started to understand how it works, then it will be no problem for you in the next posts. Your idea will come out if you just start now. The key is don’t wait, and start right now.

2. Ask yourself, why you want to do this?

I remember when I choose to be a blogger, I ask myself why I want to do a blog. Well, is it for money? you want to work from home? or is it you following a trend? I’m so sorry to break this out for you, if you make a blog just because it’s a trend, at some point you will get bored and eventually stop.

Making money through blogs is a common reason why people do a blog because they wanted free time with their families. And if they succeed enough just by doing a blog, they lucky. But, I’m sorry, blogging does not give you a big amount of profit. Now, ask yourself first why you wanted to make a blog?

I did it because I like to write, I love what I’m doing, and I like to share my short stories, or words that I think will give someone’s reason to keep living their life. Of course, other things were to make this platform as one way to pay my bills. Everyone had their own reason, so what is yours?

3. Choosing a blog platform, niche and name

Blogging is a place for us to express ourselves through writing, talk to people through writing, or can be anything such as share your hobbies like taking photos, share your experiences and etc. But first, you need to choose a blog platform.

The two platforms (most used by everyone) that I would recommend was the blogger and WordPress platform. Both platforms were free to start, so you don’t have to worried about spending any money. Blogger is a lot easy to use for a beginner rather than WordPress. While WordPress is more complicated but had so many themes optional and more widgets.

When you had chosen your blog platform, you had to know what is your Blog niche and create a name for your blog. A blog niche is a topic or the main subject that you will talk about in your blog. What is your blog about? If your the person who likes to travel and wanted to share more about the place around the world, then your blog niche is travel blogger. If you like to cook, then you would pick cooking blog. It all depends on what your interest is. It’s very important on picking your blog niche first.

4. Consistency

To be a blogger, you had to keep in mind that you had to be consistent. You don’t want to post consistently for three months and the next three months your gone. If you procrastinating for too long, you will lose your momentum eventually will lose interest in the blog. So, it will be a waste just like I did a long time ago.

It’s so important to update your existing blog. Google likes fresh content. If you keep consistent updates of your blog, there will be more visitors to spend more time reading your content.

5. Quality over quantity

I hate to tell you this, to start a blog, you have to bear in mind that quality is much more important than quantity. Based on Neil Patel’s website regarding Quality VS Quantity, “the root of outstanding blog content is simple. It’s all about serving your customers and meeting their needs.”

Quality is matters. Check your grammar, you can download Grammarly apps from your browser, they are free and very useful in your blog posting. Make sure your blog, your text is readable. Keep it simple and understandable by your reader. Check your blog, again and again, edit and have a proper image into your blog.

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