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Hello there! It’s the day before Christmas! I wanna wish you all a Merry Christmas! Though it’s my first Quarantine of the year, and yes two days before Christmas, sobs, this is so sad but it just happened and we had to accept the reality.

I know quarantine in a room can be so boring, and stressful because we had limited activities to do. Especially this Christmas, we supposed to gather with our family but things just don’t go like what we planned. Exchange the gift, having dinner with families, and spend time with each other. That what we suppose to do during this Christmas.

But, as I said, things just don’t go well this year. However, although it’s so boring in your room, thanks for the technologies that had been created these days. We had Internet, mobile phones, and YouTube, and so on.

So, here are the 5 things that we can do during a self-quarantine at home for this Christmas.

5 things to do during Christmas Quarantine

1. Christmas Movie Marathon

Thanks to this technology we can stream YouTube and Netflix. To make you feel like Christmas, let’s watch some movies related to Christmas, at least we can have the Christmas vibes. Although I can’t promise you, that watching Christmas movies alone might make you sad. Despite our condition right now (self-quarantine in the room), let’s watch good movies with a Christmas theme.

2. Virtual Christmas Party

Having a virtual Christmas party with your friend might help you feel a little sad during Christmas alone. Because this was a pandemic and having a gathering in physical is prohibited, and again we thanked these technologies whereby you can have a gathering through a zoom meeting or google meet. It’s okay even you can’t see them face to face, in reality, at least having a gathering through a virtual makes you felt like, this is still Christmas.

3. Read Christmas Story

This might get so boring. At least during self-quarantine you didn’t waste any of your time by sleep or laying in bed. Let’s read some book or searching through the google to read some story about Christmas. Or listen to a Christmas song. Turn on your music and put it loud so you feel like you are not alone during Christmas. It’s Christmas! Have yourself a little Christmas.

4. Get yourself active

Your health is your first priority during this quarantine. Don’t get sick, move your body, dancing or learn for Yoga or Pilates. Detoxifies your body, so you be healthy this Christmas. Try to turn on the Christmas song during exercise.

5. Sing a song

Staying in a room might bring to felt like this is sooo boring. Let’s be a little creative on how to make you get away from getting bored? Sing! Sing on top of your lungs. Regarding what your sound would be like, just sing. At least you can make memories during this quarantine. It’s not the best idea but at least we tried on doing something so that we don’t felt the pressure of being lock in our own room.

Hope you enjoy your christmas although you were lock in the room or quarantine at home. Stay happy! And don’t forget the real meaning of christmas.

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