5 online apps that can make money (Android Play Store)

Making money online sounds too good to be true, really? But, it does exist. However, these apps will not make you rich, but maybe just for paying your bills and other utility. It’s not just apps that make money, you had to do some tasks, a survey, writing a review, and so on. If everything is free in this world, then it’s not fair for those who work hard on something. Same in these apps, to earn that money, it’s not that simple.

Disclaimer: Protect yourself from being scammed.

Money app

1. Toluna

Toluna is a market research apps, it available both on iOS and Android. The users get paid using Paypal. You can either answer the survey or make a survey. In both ways, you earn rewards and bonuses respectively.

You can download the apps HERE

2. Ipsos i-say Malaysia

i-say is a online survey that gives a rewards to the users. The user take a survey and earn point that can be redeemed for a variety of rewards such as voucher, gift card and even cash money or you could even enter their contest to earn more rewards. Take as many survey.

You can download the apps HERE.

3. Surveyon

Another survey platform! By answering a surveys from different company, you can earn some extra cash. You can share your opinion and enjoy earning your cash. After completing the survey, you can redeem your points. At the last step, you can redeem your point started from 1 dollar. It’s a small amount, but will grow bigger from time to time.

You can download the apps HERE.

4. Cashzine

Do you like to read news? or any article? if so, then this is the apps for you to earn some pocket money. Cashzine is a platform where you can earn rewards by just reading the news. You can also get coin or rewards by just inviting a friends.

You can download the apps HERE.

5. Zareklamy

Zareklamy is a money apps where you get paid by watching an YouTube video, write a review, filling out survey or create an account on other website. You can choose how you want to earn.

You can download the apps HERE


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