Focus on your journey!

Focus on where you are right now, keep moving on, and don’t give up. Focus on the outcome, not the thing that holds you backward.

The journey!

About a year ago, I’d decided to be a blogger. A not professional blogger haha. The reason behind it because I love to write. And at the same time to express what was I thinking. Because sometimes, I find it was hard to say a thing in front of everybody (for me especially), but by writing, I could probably speak through a word. But, I had to admit that not everyone interested in what I write, haha.

At one time, when I was still work in an office, I secretly bought my laptop and write a short story. I write whatever was running through my mind that time, lol. I created a story and linking how this and that related to each other. To be honest, I watched too many movies and dramas, and sometimes I felt like, what would happen if this story was twisted. So, I tried to make it up haha. You can read my other blog at, I write short stories, random stories, and some other things.

Since 2008, I write my journal, all of my stories, my all ups and down I jotted it down. It was funny because at that time I was still young, I started to write my journal since I was 16 years old. Actually, I got the inspiration from a movie about writers. I watched too many movies, but that one I was very interested is Freedom writers. And also, the diary of a young girl wrote by Anne Frank. I like how they used simple words and how they can deliver the message from the writing.

Back to the topic, The Journey. So, almost a year ago, I quit my job and focus on writing my blog. Nah, I’m kidding, because I wanted to continue to study, then I quit my job, but in the meantime, I want to focus more on writing in my blog. While waiting to go back to school. And I did it, It’s not much of earning in blog, but thank God there’s an increment of income. Blogging can make money!

I can say that my journey of writing started from 2008 and up until now, mostly I wrote in English. Why? because I am bad in English especially the grammar, the vocabulary but then, I think I need to overcome my weaknesses by just do it. You know, get out from your comfort zone and just do a thing that you mostly likely not confident bout. You know what I meant right?

I had a blog 6 years ago, but me myself not confident about it, and I felt so lacks in everything, so I shut it down. But then, after a while (exactly last year) I build up my blog again haha. I know blogger is a bit old fashion, and nowadays, you had so many platform to build a website. But, I choose a Blogspot as a beginner, and then after a few months later, I build my other blog using WordPress which is I use right now. To be honest, it help me a lot in term of writing and passive income.

At one time I felt like giving up on writing, like, will people read my blog? will I be a laughing stuff? I don’t have the confidence, and I am afraid that people would laugh on me, afraid of the words, “she can’t make it”, because of that, my blog is not consistently posted. So sad, because I was afraid of what people would called me, affecting me too much, I was giving up and felt so down.

But, when I refresh back, I decided to do this a year ago, and I had gone through a long way until today. So, there are two options, either keep moving on or giving up. So, I choose to keep moving on and focus on it. I know that there will be one time where you felt like it’s going to be hard and one time it is a waste of time. But, if you keep focusing on your goals and a BIG WHY you do the things you like, I believe that all of the obstacles you faced will strengthen you.

I never say that blogging is easy. It’s actually hard, some people never make it and they left their blog being silenced for a decade. Or maybe some people shut it down like what I did six year ago. There are no easy things in this world, you want to be someone or make something you had to earn it. There are no shortcut! You have to work on it. Focus on what you want to do.

I had so many big plans in my life, and one of them is being a blogger. Aside from that, I wanted to do some business, and I want to learn more, want to explore the knowledge, and wanted to experience my journey. But I can’t do all of that at the same time, I had to focus on one by one. We are not superhuman, and we need to focus. If you had too many goals in your life, you have to organize your priority of what you want to do first. List down your goals and try to make it happened step by step.

Focus on your goals and Focus on your journey.

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