The roommates – short stories 2020

Being away from your parents, and lives in a city is a hard time for a student like me. I just started school and don’t have any part-time jobs. So, with a small amount of pocket-money and an amount of money that I got per month, it is not enough to pay for a rental house or buy my essential needed.

In 2016, I got an offer to continued my studies in an institution, which I will keep it as a secret, the positive thing was I got paid every month until my research studies are done, for a maximum of 3 years. The negative thing was I don’t have a place to stay. I can’t apply for a hostel, because it was only available for the degree student. So sad.
I was happy for a while knowing that I can continue my studies, but to find a home to stay is so challenging for me. Especially in the city. So, a month before I officially started my day as a student again, I was checking on the website for an affordable rent apartment or flat, with the hope to find a rental that is RM200 or below that. It’s not easy. Luckily, I got the lowest rent which is RM120. So, I grab it. I kept chatting with the owner, and we made a deal. So, the next week, I will stay at the flat.

A day passes by, and the time to move to a new flat had arrived, I remembered it was in April 2016. It’s not that very far from my institution, so I guess it’s saved my money and my fuel.
My flat has five levels, I am at the ground level, as I enter that flat, I was welcomed by my roommates, Dina and Joly. Our flats have one bathroom, one toilet, one kitchen and pantry, laundry at the back door, and two separate rooms. Oh, and also a small living room, enough with only three of us. One room is for a single person, and another room has two-bedroom. I choose a room which has two beds. Our flat house is very neat and organized well, I like how tidy my roommate was.

Photo by Josh Sorenson
The day I’d arrived, my roommates were so nice and helping me out with the things I brought from my home. First roommate, Dina, well, she is 2 years younger than me and still studying but at a different institution, and she is the one that is the same room as me. The other roommate was also a nice person, her name was Joly, but she is a student who had a double part-time job at night. So, I rarely saw her at our flat. And she is the same age as me. But, even so, I usually get to see her at around 10.00pm or 11.00pm. So, mostly, I spend time more with Dina.

Photo by Craig Adderley
But these stories won’t be long, because I did not stay there for a long time. In around one month, I move out. Why? Because something is odd.
I get to know both of them really well, the girls are very kind and sweet, we talked a lot, talk about the course she takes in college, where is she from and all kinds of stuff. All the stories about a love interest and so on. Honestly, I really blend well with them. We don’t have that kind of beef between us. So, practically, three of us getting well from the first time we met. But, what funny is I am the type of person who likes to ask a simple thing and at the end of the day, I had trouble remembering both of their names. Lol, I mean, I mistakenly spell their name, because both of them look really alike.
In fact that I already stay at their flat and soon became our flat, I felt like they were my sisters. However, I haven’t got time to speak with Joly because she goes home late and sometimes won’t even come home. But, that’s okay, because I have Dina with me. So, on the first day, we just talked and getting to know each other but it seems like we’ve known since forever.
Because I was just coming to that flat and I was tired, so at 10.00pm I already fall into asleep. For about two and three days, everything is normal, but after that, something odd is happening, the next week at 3.00 in a morning, I was awake, I felt that the house was so hot, but the fan was still on. Because of that, I go out to take a sip of water at the kitchen table. Then, I sit there for almost 5 minutes while taking a breath. To be honest, my environment looks really creepy because the lamp was off. And I would imagine a shadow come to pass by me. Lol. But, I just cooly sit there and think of nothing.
After a while, when I was about to enter my room, I saw my housemate, Dina, looking at me, while put her hand into her mouth, she’s doing ‘shh‘. But her eyes were closed. I looked at her again, like, what the heck? The door from my room crack a Lil bit, then I was startled and scream at her, “Oh, Dina, are you awake?“. She suddenly opened her eyes and there was a blank in her head, she looks at me, then goes back to our room, sleep again. What the heck, again I said it. I know, my bad. I was puzzled for a while. Since only both of us stayed in that flat at that time. Joly was out with her friend.

Photo by Kei Scampa
The next morning, I had no time to talk with Dina about what happened last night, because I need to get fast to go to my class. So, usually, I get back around 3.30 pm or 5.00 pm. When I get back, Dina was not there, but Joly does. She doesn’t have class on that day, so, I get to ask her about Dina’s sleepwalking, and I told her what is going on that night, I told her I was concern about her and a bit scared. So, I asked Joly if we can put a camera or try to look at what is happening during the night. We both agreed and try to put a camera to see what would happen.

On that day, at night, after we all had gone to bed, Joly puts the camera on top of the TV, we hope Dina wouldn’t notice about it. Then, she goes back to sleep. I am very not comfortable sleep that night. After a while, I heard someone is growling at the side of my bed, to be honest, I was a bit scared because that sound really gets into my mind, it’s like someone was choked but asking for help. I can hold on anymore, so, I confronted whatever that thing is, I opened the lamp. Then, my heart was beating so fast, I saw my roommate was crossing her hand, while sleep.

Photo by Canva
Here the thing is, I didn’t know what was happening to her that night, and I felt so scared about it, so, I run to Joly’s room and ask her to take a picture of her crossing her hand like that, and I didn’t go back to my room, I stayed with Joly until everything turn into a normal day.
The next day, this is where it sounds so serious, luckily it was a weekend, so we all stayed at home and Joly did not have to go for work. We both stayed silent as we don’t want to bother Dina. We act normal and talk like nothing is happening. But, at the same time, I ask Joly to send the picture to a Pastor that we closed with. I took Dina and Joly walk by the park, I’m guessing Dina is in a stressful condition. But she won’t say anything.

Before I was moving into the flat, Dina acted normally and a very happy go lucky person, so, it’s rare to see her like that said Joly. Well, it did get weird and worst. At night at 3.00 in the morning, Dina was awake again, this time she standing at the corner of the wall, I felt something is not right, then I called Joly, I ran with my handshaking with fear, because Dina was not like her. Her shoulder was lifted up, and all of her fingers were pointing straight to the ground and speaking the word I didn’t understand. 

Because it’s only three of us at that flat, and Dina was not herself, while Joly seems like the coward person I ever saw. I prayed, but I guess I am not strong enough, lol, and I can’t focus on that situation because Joly is the one who I am so worried about, She’s the one who freaks out more than me. So, I called our pastor and ask him for help. Thankfully, our pastor was already prepared for someone to called him. He arrived within 10 or 15 minutes. While we were waiting, I just lock the door where Dina was in, haha, because I don’t know what else to do.
As the pastor and her wife arrived, they did a ritual. I mean, they prayed and using the name of God to fight with the spirit. This reminds me of The conjuring, lol. I got goosebumps on what happening at that time. Dina was screaming like it was not her sound at all, cursing the name God and laughing hysterically. I bet the neighbor was awake. I heard someone knocking at our door. I opened it, it was our neighbor asking what is happening. Thank God, they did not call a cop to come by. But, I really felt humiliated a Lil bit, because we are not the only one stayed there. There are other communities as well.

After a while, things became calms. Hopefully. I saw Dina crying like she asking for help, but I do not know what she got herself into. She didn’t tell us, Joly and me about her trouble. Later on, the Pastor and wife bring her to hospital, on the reason I do not know until now. I didn’t attend college the next day, I wanted to go see how’s Dina been doing in the hospital. Her family is there, her siblings and her relatives also there, I felt awkward to come to see her, so I just left them with fruits.

Photo by Oles kanebckuu

So, in the evening, I and Joly go to see the pastor know what is happening to our roommates, it turns out that, she’s been playing a sprit game, a week after I entered that flat. He told us, he doesn’t know what is the reason behind it and why she did it, maybe she just wanted to prove something isn’t real or she just wanted to find a friend but I guess, she’s messing with a wrong thing.

I never thought a happy person would think such a thing, are we not her friends? I felt guilty and angry at the same time. Joly just silences herself and still traumatized by the event.

After that event, two days after that, I left that flat, I know, I feel bad for Joly, but stay at the flat where your roommates were possessed isn’t a thing that I will proceed. So, I stayed alone and living with my brother’s house which is far away from my classes. Until now I did not know how is Dina, she changed her contact number, and she even blocked us from media social. Both of us. Did she mad to us that trying to help her? I do not understand. But, I just let it slip. After a month, Joly also moves out, so that flat was left empty. We were still hanging out but we do not know what happened to Dina.

Hopefully, she was fine. 

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