365 days that end wells

One year can seem so short. The time with family and friend were count as a blessing. The ups and downs through life were counts as a lesson. If I were ever told to open the page book since day 1 of 2019, I would probably laugh and cry because a lot of things had happened and I am genuinely blessed to be a part of it.

Although we know that a lot of things had happened trough the year of 2019. Not just by ourselves, but also with your circle, family, and friends, and also the world that changed little by little. We can’t deny how much we wanted to be our year as good as planned. But somehow, we just had to go it whether it is a great moment nor a disappointing moment.
And now, before we end the year of 2019, here some lessons I learned and will share with each and every one.


1) Being grateful

The year 2019 could be the best year of me, but can also be the worst year of me. Neither of it, I am so grateful for whatever the memories I go through for the whole year. I am still alive and was getting old but I am so happy because I made it this far. It’s not much, but I have still learned something for good in a year ahead.

2) Be positive and be understandable

Being a positive person in a bad situation is not an easy task. Because I don’t want to lose the anger, and being mad all the time, trying to be positive and push myself could probably help me a little bit to handle the anger. To be honest, being a hot-tempered person is just troublesome. It’s so hard but in order for you to feel the peace, it is by seeing that everybody had an issue, and we need to understand the changeable situation.

3) Love the enemy

To break your ego is by saying sorry and hug the person you hated the most. It does not make sense, isn’t it? But, I think that the more you show love, the more it seems to be a winner. I had a lot of haters, I guess. But, I can’t do anything and don’t ought to be loved by them. I am happy with my life, and I am grateful for everything that happened. Though we know, everyone was trying yo keep themselves away from you, don’t let that hates in your heart win. Break the ego by saying sorry even you don’t deserve to. Love everybody and keep the loves win.
So far, the 3 lessons I learned for the whole year teaches me to be a grown-up person. There’s a lot of things that can be shared, but it will be updated soon in 2020. Thank you 2019.

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