Can I be angry in silence? Please.

Today, something had happened. I was about to burst out when I see that kind of attitude. Truthfully, I was trying to hide my expression from being so ugly. But, I can’t. Unfortunately, my face showed it all. And my heart was racing out so fast that I can’t control my emotion and appearance. Being hatred but at the same time, trying to be cool. I was out of the act! I am trying to put a positive thought in my mind. However, it works for a while but not that long.

Have you felt the same way as I did? You see that person that annoys you the most. But, you try to act like everything will be okay. Don’t make any scene. I experienced it today. It’s like more than one person trying to intimidate me. Like I had done something to them. I was trying to repel that feeling. Because it felt so irritated and annoying. At some point, I wish I can just say, please leave me alone.

What makes it even worse when you can’t blend with their attitude. So, what do you think you should do? What actions should you do? How to handle this kind of situation? It is so painful. It makes you crazy when you think about it.
One more thing is, they don’t listen. So, let’s keep it that way. Trying to explain is a wasting of time. If you dislike it, then you can leave. If you can accept then kept it that way. Actually, there are certain things that you can do if you can’t handle it.
Keep calm. Focus. Ignore. Move on.
We might can’t show any of it. Here’s the thing, Don’t let your feels control you. We can be angry but don’t forget to bring your mind together.

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